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ul. Ciepła 40, 15-472 Białystok
tel./fax: 85 651 61 87

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Activities of Voluntary Labor Corps offered for the youngsters in Podlasie voivodship 

General information: Podlasie Voluntary Labor Corps in Bialystok  is a state run budget unit fulfilling the state responsibility In the field of employment, combating social marginalization and exclusion of youth at the age 15-25 years old as well as tasks connected with education and bringing up. Podlasie Voluntary Labor Corps operates in Podlasie voivodeship.

  • Tasks in the field of the labour market are realized by Education and Labor Centres in Białystok, Łomża and Suwałki for the unemployed and still studing youth. 

1.  Youth Job Agencies – offer temporary and permament job offers available in local and abroad markets, create a data  base of the unemployed and available offers

2. Job clubs - vocational counselling, organizing the group and individual workshops on methods of looking for the job                                                                                                                    

3. Mobile Centres of Vocational Information  - run group meetings and individual job counselling as well as workshops in the organization office and in small towns and villages, offers modern and multimedia information. 

4. Youth Career Centers – gives individual advice and runs group workshops on job counseling, especially taking into consideration the aspects of entrepreneurship and self-employment. .

Youth projects cofinansed by European Social Funds (include different activities such as integration and psychological workshops, activities on job market, professional, computer and  language courses, driver licence course, preperation course for A-level exams and entrance exams to university as well as programs included in the National Plan for Employment ( professional training and job counseling)

  • Tasks in the field of education and bringing up of the youngsters at the age 15-18  with smaller chances of successful living  are realized by Labor Corps in Białystok, Lomża, Suwałki, Kolno, Zambrów, Grajewo and Augustów, Education and Training Centre in Wasilków and operated  whitin the work corps - common rooms open for youngsters  from local community.

- Professional training is offered for job such as: baker, confectioner, cook, bricklayer, automobile tinman, mechanic, seller, hairdresser, joiner, sanitation facility fitter.

- Professional courses for the VLC participants are offered in professions such as: constructor worker, beautician, tailor, IT specialist

- Target group – VLC participants, children and youth from local community   
- Scope of activities -  educational, upbringing, preventive and rehabilitative activities,  sport, culture and tourist projects          
- Realized programmes: „Programme of Social Activation of VLC youth”,„National programme for Preventing Social Unadjustedness and Crime among Children and Youth”

- Projects co-financed by UE and realized for VLC youth and youth from local community: Programme YOUTH In Action (international youth exchanges), Leonardo da Vinci Programme (placement project abroad) and projects in the framework of European Social Funds (including different activities such as integration and psychological workshops, activities on job market, and  professional, language, computer, driver licence courses.)  Education and Training Center in Wasilków  offers for VLC youth the possibility of training on their own workshops (tailor, cook, barman, constructor, hairdresser), free accommodation and boarding for over 100 persons, sport and  facilities such as gym, computer lab, common room  for realization of the educational projects. 

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